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Have You Heard The Term "Teeth In A Day"? Here's What You Need To Know Before Choosing A "Teeth In A Day" 
Dental Implant Provider Other Than Nuvia...

(Estimated reading time: 60 Seconds and well worth the time)

If you had a sneaking suspicion that the conventional teeth in day process seemed too good to be true, you have to read all the way to the end.

While the term “teeth in a day” sounds great, the experience you get from the conventional clinics is full of awful surprises and drawn out WAY too long.

Did you know all the clinics who profess to provide “teeth in a day” actually connect a cheap set of dentures called "TEMPS" to your implants the day of surgery? Then they make you stay in those over sized easily breakable  Temps teeth for 6-10 months?  

Unfortunately, that may not even be the worst part about that process...

Here’s how the “teeth in a day” process works at other clinics

The dentist who’s giving you the “teeth in a day” orders a basic acrylic denture (The Temps). On the day of surgery after you’ve been sedated for 4 or 5 hours the dreaded “denture conversion” begins. 

Below is a set of dentures that in other clinics would become your Temporary set of teeth. Notice how big and bulky the dentures are. That is why folks who get the temporary set of teeth often have a hard time speaking. It ends up being almost as embarrassing as not having teeth at all.

For this to work, someone at the clinic then puts some goo inside the denture and places it over your implants to get an estimated location of where to drill holes.  

Then the drilling begins

In addition to the bulky nature of the denture, there is no way for these dentures to precisely fit. It’s all guesswork, and with dental implants precision is everything.

In fact, look at this temporary denture converted to “teeth in a day.”

Can you see the holes that were just drilled into the denture? 

This is NOT the best treatment for you as the patient and unfortunately it gets worse! 

"Teeth In A Day" Turns Into 
"Teeth In 10 Months"

Sadly, even after 6 months of wearing your “teeth in a day” temps you’re still not able to get your permanent set of teeth fixed in right away.

After the 6 month period where you hope and pray the acrylic temporary denture doesn’t break, you finally start the process of getting your permanent set...

... and what a process it is.

You have to go back for an additional 5-10 appointments to continue to “try in” teeth and verify your permanent set will fit precisely. This process can take an additional 2-4 months depending on the speed of the lab being used.

That’s a total of around 10 months to get the permanent set you thought you were getting in one day!

 It’s like waiting anxiously for retirement then realizing you still have to get a job to cover the bills. It’s heartbreaking.

The Solution?

Custom Permanent Teeth In 
24 Hours at NUVIA™

We don’t believe in "temps".  In fact, look at the picture below. Our lab director snapped a quick picture of our beautiful 24-hour permanent teeth right after it was finished.  This is the quality of teeth you get in 24 HOURS!  Now that's something you can get excited about right? 

As you’ve learned in the outline above the entire temporary “teeth in a day” process is a terrible patient experience. We know it firsthand because that’s actually the way we USED to do it too.  

In fact, it’s how everyone does it even now… accept for us.

We knew the temp wasn’t good enough. So set out to make it possible to deliver our patient’s permanent custom smile in 24 hours and ACTUALLY deliver “Teeth In 24 Hours” for real.

It was a massive investment in amazing people and insanely cool technology that made it possible.  

 Here’s How We Do It

 Step #1 - You get your dental implants placed on surgery day

 Step #2 - We take a picture with the coolest camera ever

 Step #3 - You go home and rest overnight (instead of spending an extra 4 hours groggy in the chair)

 Step #4 - Our revolutionary 24 hour lab operation begins and creates your permanent set of teeth overnight (this is where the innovation kicks in... make no mistake our process will make the conventional teeth in a day with temps obsolete)

 Step #5 - You come back the next day and we attach your precision made custom permanent teeth to your implants and it’s all done in a 24 hour period.

 Step #6 - You smile for your loved ones and realize your life is now changed dramatically forever, all in 24 hours.

The physical and emotional pain of ill fitting dentures, missing, broken, or painful teeth could be gone in 24 hours and replaced with a beautiful new permanent set.

--> Imagine laughing and smiling again from the depths of your soul...
--> Playing and laughing with your kids or grand kids...
--> Going back to work and everyone saying "WOW" you look great!...
--> Going out with friends you've been ignoring because of embarrassment...
-->Or taking your loved one out for steak dinner like you used to.

In order for that to happen you have to take the first step and see if you're a candidate.

 The Benefits Of Our 24hr 
Permanent Teeth Are Unmatched.

 Benefit #1 - From 10 Months To 24 Hours

The obvious first benefit is taking a 10 month process and condensing it down to 24 hrs. This is such a game changer it feels like when amazon came out with FREE 2 day shipping but BETTER.

 Benefit #2 - Immediately Start Eating Soft Foods

With the old way did you know you had to be on a liquid only diet for 2 weeks? Soup and protein drinks were about all you could handle. In fact some patients simply hardly ate anything because they were so worried about compromising their temps. With our permanent set in 24 hours you can start eating soft foods right away. Oatmeal, mashed potatoes, meatloaf, pasta, etc.  

 Benefit #3 -Custom Precise Fit

We explained above how the old way is simply guesswork. It’s done manually over several appointments and 4 hours on surgery day. Lots of room for error. Because our technology can map the implants down to the nanometer level (nanometer is simply code for smaller than a red blood cell and that's precise) our permanent set of teeth delivered the next day will fit perfectly to the implants. This provides an unmatched level of instant implant stabilization for longer lasting implants. 

 Benefit #4 - Eliminates 7-12 Appointments

Without having experienced the old way it might be hard for you to really understand. If you ask anyone who has gone through the traditional “teeth in a day” process they’ll tell you how many times they had to go back. Just imagine being in a bulky set of dentures for 6 months unable to speak naturally and thinking each additional visit you’ll get your permanent set. Instead of getting the permanent set however, they tell you it just doesn't fit quite right, and will require another appointment. It is not fun.  

We deliver your permanent set of teeth the next day, then you come in 2 weeks later for us to check on you and you're done for 6 months. What comes after that 6 month appointment you might ask? Well, nothing for another 6 months! Doesn’t that sound like the experience you’re looking for? 

 Benefit #5 - Speak Naturally

The denture converted the same day is really big and bulky. MANY patients have an issue speaking because it’s so much more in their mouth than they’re used to. Talking with the temps can be really embarrassing. This is why the custom and precise fit of our permanent set in 24hrs is so good for our patients. The big and clunky temporary doesn’t exist with us. There is NO better way to speak more naturally with a new set of teeth than with our method.

 Benefit #6 - Your Implants Can Heal Faster And Last Longer

The permanent set of teeth you’ll receive from us in 24 hours contains a metal titanium bar on the inside which is super lightweight and strong. The implants attach perfectly and precisely to the titanium bar. The titanium bar immediately acts as a stabilizer holding the implants in place and eliminating costly micro-movements that temps can create. Kind of like the top plate of a framed wall like pictured below. In this case the studs would be the “implants” and the top plate would the the titanium bar. It creates a super solid structure.

Now Let's See Our No Temp 24HR Permanent Teeth In Action Again!

Here's Wendy's 24 Hr Permanent Teeth Delivery


While other implant dentists “freehand” the placement of implants, we use advanced surgical mapping technology to plan out your procedure in advance. Then, your surgery is performed using a custom “guide” that ensures the optimal placement of each implant with pinpoint accuracy. We don’t leave your life-changing smile restoration to chance. You shouldn’t either.
Meet Your Doctor

Lorenzo Neilsen, D.M.D.

After serving as a mechanic in the United States Air Force, Dr. Lorenzo Neilsen used his great attention and skilled hands to graduate from UMKC School of Dentistry and become a Dental Surgeon. 

After graduating, Dr. Neilsen worked for multiple private dental practices in Kansas and patiently perfected his craft of placing implants. He has placed hundreds of dental implants and loves the life-changing impact that dental implants have on people. 
Meet Your Doctor
Dr. Jared Hepworth DDS graduated from Brigham Young University, then went on to Roseman University in South Jordan, Utah. After graduating from Roseman in 2015, he continued to practice in Utah. 

He has had extensive training and experience in placing dental implants and continues to keep ahead on upcoming improvements and technology in dentistry. He is also constantly working with 3D technology to provide patients with the best possible outcomes. His goal with every patient is to help them feel more comfortable and confident, and live happier, healthier lives.
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